Feliz Navidad

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Feliz Navidad

Postby Midisound » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:38 am


Well .... this is the last of the year.

The next one will be different. There will not be so many songs: I will focus on the final production and on getting better themes: that will try.

This song is not a Christmas song like the previous years. It is a composition with some Christmas instruments, but in the end it is something else.

I have called it Bright Nights after some time of reflection.

It does not have lyrics, but I leave you part of my reflection about what are the Bright Nights.

En español:

Las noches brillantes

¿ Por que las necesitamos ?

Y, ¿ por que solo duran tan poco tiempo ?

Quizás su luz despierta la parte positiva de cada uno de nosotros, aunque a veces no haga el efecto deseado.

Si fuera asi, ¿ como atrapar esa luz y hacer que brille para siempre ?

No tendras siquiera tiempo de pensar que, cuando no existamos, ellas seguiran alli.

Las hemos puesto nosotros para alumbrar algunos momentos en nuestra vida y sin embargo nos olvidamos de ellas hipócritamente las demás noches.

Y aún así deberíamos mirarlas siempre para percatarnos de lo pequeños que somos. De que las cosas que importan son otras que las aptitudes que utilizamos todos los demás días para hacernos creer que sobrevivimos a nuestras noches sin luz. Que son, verdaderamente, lo único que quedara al final de nuestros días.

Y ahora que llegan y se acercan, ¿ no crees que no tienes nada mejor que sentirlas ?

Acaso ¿ no será mejor vivirlas ?

Recuerda que podrás hacer que duren siempre: quizás así, algún día, nosotros seamos el brillo de alguna noche oscura.

Feliz Navidad.


The bright nights.

Why do we need them?

And, why only last so little time?

Perhaps its light awakens the positive side of each of us, although sometimes it does not have the desired effect.

If so, how to catch that light and make it shine forever?

You will not even have time to think that when we no longer exist, they will still be there.

We have put them to light some moments in our life and yet we hypocritically forget about them the other nights.

And yet we should always look at them to realize how small we are. That the things that matter are other than the skills we use every other day to make us believe that we survived our nights without light. That they are, truly, the only thing left at the end of our days.

And now that they come and approach, do not you think you have nothing better than to feel them?

Is not it better to live them?

Remember that you can make them last forever: maybe, someday, we'll be the shine of some dark night.

Merry Christmas.

Noches brillantes (Bright nights).m4a de Midisound

https://soundcloud.com/sonido-reflexivo ... tes-bright

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Re: Feliz Navidad

Postby TripMX » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:47 pm

Very bright and encouraging words, Midisound...makes me wanna become a saint, haha! Great job on the song, it sounds perfect for the Christmas holiday! Merry Christmas to you, my friend! :D
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