1. Troubleshooting Guide

For support-related discussions, visit the Music Studio community forum.

1.1 Four steps to resolve most issues

  1. Quit all audio apps
    Tap the home button twice, then swipe all music related apps up to quit them.
  2. Reboot your device
    Press and hold the Home and the Power buttons for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Don't slide to power off, hold longer!
  3. Disable iOS zoom
    Launch the Settings app from the home screen. Go to General, Accessibility, and turn off the Zoom.
  4. Disable iOS multitasking gestures (iPad only)
    Launch the Settings app from the home screen. Go to General and turn off the Multitasking Gestures.

1.2 Installing does not work

Apps are downloaded from Apple's servers, we as the developers have no control over the download and installation process.

Music Studio is quite a big download and it rarely occurs that the progress indicator during downloading or installing does not change for several minutes. In this case, try the following:

  • Make sure that you are connected to the internet via WiFi. A cellular connection is not recommended for such a bug download, it might also exceed your download plan.
  • Tap the icon to pause it, then tap again to continue.
  • Reboot your device (as described in the four steps above) and see if the download continues then.
  • Download it on your computer with iTunes and then sync it onto your device.

If this doesn't solve the issue, please contact iTunes support at

In general, you can re-download a purchased app as often as you wish (with the same account of course). The iTunes Store won’t debit your credit card twice for the same product.

1.3 Audio recording does not work

Check the iOS microphone permissions in the Settings app (tap the Settings icon on the home screen) under Privacy, Microphone.

1.4 My purchased instruments do not appear on my second device

See the FAQ on how to restore the instruments and packages that you already purchased on your other devices.

1.5 The Instruments tab is greyed-out

That's because an audio track is selected. Audio tracks cannot have MIDI instruments. Select or add a piano track to access the Instruments screen again.

1.6 Audio stuttering occurs

Decrease the reverb quality and the polyphony to reduce the CPU load. If the playback requires more CPU speed than your device can provide, audio stuttering occurs. Read more on this topic in the quick start guide.

1.7 Some notes are not played back

Increase the polyphony in the Setup screen, but keep in mind that this may lead to stuttering with complex songs on older devices. Follow these steps to decrease the polyphony requirement of your song:

  • Reduce the number of simultaneous notes
  • Delete any congruent (duplicate) notes. They are displayed as red notes (in the piano-roll editor) and orange notes (in the track list).
  • Set the release time of every track as low as possible. In some cases, increase reverb size can make up for it.

1.8 The audio output sounds noisy

  • Use headphones or speakers because the device's internal speaker cannot cope with the broad frequency spectrum of the instruments.
  • Decrease the Limiter’s master gain to prevent clipping.

1.9 The server does not work

iTunes file sharing is the recommended method of transferring files to and from your computer. However, if you must use the WiFi Server, follow the steps outlined in the Server section.