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Can anyone compare ms istruments to fl's? And ....

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:09 am
by John0611
Can anyone compare the symphonic instruments of music studio to fl studio's varazdin orchestral mobile? And can anyone tell me what the complete list of instruments are in varazdin orchestral mobile? (The mobile version not the pc version)

Re: Can anyone compare ms istruments to fl's? And ....

PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:43 pm
by Robin

Personally, overall i would suggest that the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, which is included in Music Studio, is better. The mobile version of Varazdin sounds perfectly okay except for, i would suggest, the sustained notes for each instrument (they just call it the 'long' version of each instrument). These are very obviously looped and the loop comes in very quickly. In most cases you can easily hear the sustained note pulsing away as it loops. You can easily see it too, the vu meter pulsing away. Do you want an unintentional rhythmic element in your music? Obviously this is just my opinion, but i would suggest the sustained notes in Music Studio are much better. In fairness, i should say that i mentioned this on the FL Mobile forum and was told one of the developers would look again at the looping so hopefully they will do so.

The shorter note versions in Varazdin sound fine. Nothing spectacular, obviously given the file sizes involved, and not better than those in Music Studio but certainly acceptable. There are more variations of how the note is played in Varazdin mobile as well. For example, the options for cello are: cello long, cello marcato, cello pizzicato, cello ricochet, cello staccato, cello tremolo, cello vibrato. Not all instruments have that many options but you get the idea. This being the case, i hope you will understand that i don't list all the options - there's about 90 in total spread over 20 instruments: bass clarinet, bass trombone, bassoon, cello, clarinet, double bass, English horn, flute, French horn, full strings, oboe, tenor sax, timpani, trombone, trumpet, tuba, Varazdin church organ, viola, violin 1 and violin 2.

Overall, i prefer the SSO in Music Studio - the long versions of the notes in Varazdin mobile really let it down for me. If you can get both, you literally get the best of both worlds but if i had to have one or the other, currently i would choose Music Studio for orchestral instruments. It would not be fair to not mention that there are also very good free orchestras available online - Virtual Playing Orchestra, VSCO 2 Community Edition to mention two. Both have sfz versions meaning they can used in various mobile apps - i stress though, i am on android so i don't know if they can be used in any iOS apps.

Hope that's of some help - i had the same curiosity before buying FL Mobile recently: there is next to no information out there regarding the Varazdin mobile version.

Re: Can anyone compare ms istruments to fl's? And ....

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:10 am
by John0611
Finally an answer! Thank's robin for answering I was considering on buying them but I looked for a demo and it doesn't sound as good as music studio's instruments.