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Get pre made instruments in this site!

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Get pre made instruments in this site!

Postby John0611 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:34 pm

I will not be contining this site
1. Becuase I dont have the time
2. It will cost a lot to update it because of the internet here is so slow but expensive
3. Weebly is glitching so it wont upload the instruments
4. I'm lazy

Here you will find some music studio ready instruments

The instruments are not there because weebly bugged out so i will upload them tomorrow
So only the piano is available for download.

Want to post your own?

Just send me the file or a google drive link etc to

A post how-to

Put a .instr file in the email
Put the caregory it falls in
Put the name

A request how-to

Put the category
Put the name
Put the category it falls in

I will post your request when i find samples for it
Iwill post your instruments as soon as i recieve the file or download link
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