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Official update plan

Official update plan and feature suggestions

Official update plan

Postby Alex » Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:18 pm

Music Studio 3.0
  • Consolidation of Android and iOS versions
  • Android latency improvements
  • Display optimization (iPad Pro, iPhone 6/7/8/Plus/X, no more black bars on Android)
  • Mixer view
  • Playable keys in the piano-roll editor
  • More grid lines in the piano-roll editor
  • Swipe gesture in the bar editor's change selection mode
  • 256 polyphony

High priority features
  • Audio Unit Extension support on iOS (instruments and effects)
  • Android audio latency compensation
  • Multiple audio files per track
  • Track arming (to record multiple tracks at once)
  • Audio recording in the Tracks screen
  • Input monitoring per track
  • File list utilities: new folder, move files
  • MIDI channel and port settings per track (and saved with the project)
  • Triplet / dotted note options when drawing in the piano-roll editor
  • 96kHz 24bit input & output quality (currently 44.1kHz 16bit)
  • Tempo track (any maybe signature track)
  • Volume automation (maybe pan too)
  • Parametric EQ with more bands
  • Track freeze
  • Swing quantization
  • Custom track names

Medium priority features
  • Arbitrary signatures
  • Audio region editing in the bar editor
  • Vibrato effect
  • Arpeggiator
  • iOS copy & paste
  • Wave editor copy & paste
  • Wave editor stereo to mono conversion
  • AudioShare
  • HiHat mute group: closed HiHat kills open HiHat sound
  • More effects: tremolo, chorus, LFO, ring modulator, noise gate, pitch shifter, time stretch
  • Effect rearranging
  • Wave editor DSP button for effects
  • Wave editor: insert silence in bars (instead of seconds)
  • Wave editor: replace selection with silence
  • Audio track transposition and tempo change
  • Note names in the pianoroll editor’s draw mode
  • More chord types: minor7, add9, 5, 2
  • More beats: Blues
  • More electronic instruments: synths, pads, drum kits, dubstep kit, hard bass, electric guitars
  • More acoustic instruments: mandolin, world instruments
  • Solo human voice instrument
  • MIDI CC recording (modulation, sustain, soft pedal etc.)

Low priority features
  • Velocity dependent filter effect
  • Sampler crossfade duration and on/off switch for looped samples
  • AIFF file support
  • Audio I/O device selection
  • Automatic latency-compensation for audio recordings
  • Tuning (changing the general tuning to e.g. 442.6Hz)
  • Transposition to affect chord buttons & pads too
  • Pitch bend range export to MIDI files
  • "No instrument" icon in the instrument list
  • Custom grid line options in the track and bar editors
  • Multiple track selection (especially for mute/solo)
  • Drum pads for Inter-App Audio instruments
  • Keyboard split point to be saved with the project
  • Search field for the instrument list
  • Improved undo/redo system that doesn't pause playback
  • AutoPan effect
  • Ableton Link

Features we may or may not add in the future
  • Synthesizer with oscillators, LFOs, ADSR curves, etc.
  • Automatically start a new audio recording after the 4h limit
  • Loop audio recording
  • Multi channel audio output
  • Velocity and round robin samples
  • Articulation samples
  • Zero-crossing detection in the wave editor
  • Sustain versions of the Symphonic woodwind, bass and horn instruments
  • Gain reduction meter in compressor effect
  • Side chain compressor effect
  • Guitar amp effects
  • Effect presets
  • Noise reduction effect for the wave editor
  • dBFS level metering and output volume control
  • Auto-accompaniment
  • Track groups
  • Pitch bend editing in the piano-roll editor
  • Solo button in the piano-roll editor
  • Chord preview in the piano-roll editor
  • Step input mode in the piano-roll editor
  • Better drum kit editing in the piano-roll editor (e.g. folding)
  • Better support of external MIDI drum pad controllers
  • MIDI CC on/off option for MIDI export
  • Polyphony warning (if it is too low for the current project)
  • Record-standby button in the Audiobus panel
  • Korg WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology)
  • MIDI CC track type to send arbitrary MIDI events during playback via MIDI OUT
  • Custom MIDI CC assignments (to control Music Studio's buttons via MIDI IN)
  • Sending MTC (MIDI Time Code) events during playback
  • Adjustable pan for each drum pad
  • Release times longer than 3s
  • Chord button triggering via MIDI input
  • Chord pad mapping save & load
  • Chord button mapping save & load
  • Filter track editing
  • Effect automation
  • Split button in the piano-roll editor
  • Legato button when editing note lengths
  • Humanize function in the piano-roll editor
  • Reference track in the piano-roll editor
  • Song sections / parts with rename-able markers on the ruler
  • Setup option for automatically sending MIDI params
  • MIDI filters (for example half tempo)
  • Score notation
Keyboard / Input
  • Full 128 key range
  • Playing multiple instruments simultaneously on keyboard and pads
  • Pitch wheel touch behavior setup option (zero offset at touch point)
  • Keyboard portamento, gliding pitch and mono/legato modes
  • Keyboard modulation/aftertouch/volume control by sliding vertically
  • Keyboard scales
  • Quarter tone support
  • Diatonic transposition
  • Keyboard scale tuner
  • Keyboard setup option to disable the center threshold of the pitch wheel
  • Keyboard latch button (Sustain lock)
  • Keyboard velocity curve control
  • Keyboard position and zoom level to be remembered for each track
  • Keyboard transposition separately for each row
  • Sample names on keyboard keys
  • Fretboard guitar input mode
  • Notepad or text track for lyrics
  • Velocity sensitive keyboard using the accelerometer
  • Different MIDI input (keyboard) transpose settings for each track
  • Transposition to be saved with the project and shown in the piano-roll editor
  • Transposition to the full MIDI range (down to C-2)
  • More icons for user instruments/kits
  • Custom instrument folders / favorites
  • Direct sample recording to drum pads
  • Sample slicing
  • Chord pad presets (e.g. all diatonic chords)
Files / Import / Export
  • Download-all button in the WiFi server
  • MP3 export
  • FLAC export
  • "Include instruments" checkbox in the zip export window
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE
  • Inter-App Audio transport panel
  • Audio preview of user beats and MIDI files
  • Inter-App Audio transport panel
  • Share to Facebook
  • SoundFont support
  • Playlist for projects
  • Gobbler support
  • Community project/instrument sharing
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Re: Official update plan

Postby Lamarrsy » Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:27 am

Hello Alex,

When is version 2.6 planned for release? It was stated Q1 2015 but we're already into Q2 :?

Thanks for keeping us posted!!

... And sorry if it already written somewhere here... I've searched for this info but havent found it ;)

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Re: Official update plan

Postby Alex » Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:02 pm

See viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2410 "Don't ask for release dates." ;)
We work on an update until we think it's ready for release, even if we have to move the release date a few weeks into the future, quality is more important. Currently v2.6 is scheduled for late May or June because Inter-App Audio and 64-bit support required more fine-tuning than we expected.
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Re: Official update plan

Postby Lamarrsy » Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:31 pm


Message received, thanks Alex !

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Re: Official update plan

Postby MusicB » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:09 pm

What else do you think might be in XMS 2.7?
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Re: Official update plan

Postby mahiwagangbertud » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:00 am

i love this app and i love the updates coming up but i wish the new version would have a more modern designed interface graphics. the current version really looks cheesy, overdone, and outdated it kinda sucks like no offense but as much as i love the functionality of this app better than garageband, i really don't like looking at how the design looks compared to garageband.

the look that the app has right now is just ancient looking like a sad attempt to imitate fl studio's old look with all the overdone metal gradient styles and basic dense 3d look from the late 90s. heavy drop shadows arent a thing anymore and the design just gives the first impression that the app for $14.99 is overpriced for an app that probably hasnt been updated for a long time and has a lot of bugs :cry:

but still i wish the app would look with its best. consumers tend to look at the appearance of the interface design first before the functionality and i would really love a new look that will bring justice to the great updates listed and overall for the app's functionality. i think the app's marketability will be better and would appeal to more users to actually update or purchase. probably hire a good graphic designer or something as a suggestion. thank you!
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Re: Official update plan

Postby SubZero » Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:03 am

I partially have to agree with @mahiwagangbertud. I think it would not only be more pleasurable for the users to have cleaner and more modern graphics but I think it could definitely help market the app better.
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Re: Official update plan

Postby socomajor » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:47 pm

I prefer new functionalities (especially for Android) over new look.
But that said, it's true that better look would help selling more (and that would be profitable to all). (even though I personally like the current look of the app).
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Re: Official update plan

Postby HGF69 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:29 am

MP3 export a must
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Re: Official update plan

Postby nish9272 » Mon May 02, 2016 5:55 am

please add the all features in android's xewton music studio version like the features in the Iphone music studio
1)chords set 2)drum pads
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