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More on part (or region) names

Official update plan and feature suggestions

More on part (or region) names

Postby AF-001 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:24 pm

ambdesign wrote:I would welcome the possibility to […] indicate a certain song part e.g. "Strings_Chorus", "Bass_verse_2" etc.

Alex wrote:Thanks! "Custom track names" is already on the list:

Custom track names are already on the road map, but not part names, if I read the road map correctly. So I am adding my voice to this request.

Ultimately, what I am dreaming of is another, 'bird view' mode, with pads for each part of a piece in the bottom, and a timeline at the top with queued parts, with the ability to add parts to the queue (or remove not yet played parts) while the music is playing.

(Why: I am directing a choir, and we don't have an instrumentist available at all times, so this would make a kind of substitute...).

Best regards.
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Re: More on part (or region) names

Postby Alex » Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:40 pm

Sorry but Music Studio isn't designed around the concept of parts. To introduce this concept, a major code rewrite would be necessary. I added "Song parts with custom names" to the list, but don't expect it anytime soon because there are many other urgent features on the list, sorry.
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