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Possible In app playlist mode?

Official update plan and feature suggestions

Possible In app playlist mode?

Postby Stonese88 » Thu May 19, 2016 1:13 am

I think it would be great if I can put songs I've made into a folder (that's playback only) and make a playlist inside Music Studio, so it will play then automatically go to the next song. I love playing with the app and all the features it already has, I just think it would be very convenient when I'm listening to my songs in the car (without editing) so I can just hit play and drive, instead of scrolling through the thousand plus songs inside my "projects" tab while driving. I think this would be an easy addition to this already powerful app, and also believe many users would appreciate it very much. Thanks for your time :D
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Re: Possible In app playlist mode?

Postby Alex » Thu May 19, 2016 11:49 am

Thanks for your suggestion! I added "Playlist for projects" to the list:
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Re: Possible In app playlist mode?

Postby corstroe » Mon May 23, 2016 6:56 pm

+1 Very good addition for live use and automating setlists!
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