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MIDI Dummy needs help

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MIDI Dummy needs help

Postby rpk99 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:57 pm

I have Yamaha upright with disklavier unit from the early 90's. Has Midi in and out. I bought iconnectMIDI and can make the piano play and record using Yamaha pianodiary app, but this app is very limited (can't import midi files and cant create and save midi files elsewhere outside the app). My wife wants to be able to download publically available midi files from internet sources and then have the piano play them, as well as record the kids playing the piano to MIDI files and save them. Even better if you can line up a number of midi files back to back in a playlist of some sort and have it send out to the piano.

Everything i am reading on this board makes me think this is the app that will work. Garageband doesn't becuase it seems practically impossible or very complicated to download an external midi file into it, although I think I can get it to record, so it doesn't fit the bill. Looked at a couple others like Roni but I am just not sure. help??? :?
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Re: MIDI Dummy needs help

Postby Alex » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:06 am

Music Studio can do all the things in your list, except for the playlist of multiple MIDI files.

MIDI (.mid and .midi) files can be opened directly from a browser with Music Studio.
Music Studio loads a MIDI files as a project (on iPad it can also append it, see

MIDI input/output can be configured here:
Image Image
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