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Monitoring of pitch bend sounds weird while recording

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Monitoring of pitch bend sounds weird while recording

Postby Android_Fan » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:28 pm

Hi Alex,

I ran into a weird bug by using pitch bend on my android smartphone. Here is, how to reproduce it:

Record a long note (for example a 1 / 1 note) with an instrument of your choice. Do not use pitch bend in this first step.

Than switch to the "Setup" register and select "Pitch". Adjust "Semitones" for example to the third big line from below. Set "Record mode" to "Overwrite" and "Axis" to "X". Leave "Invert axis" off and "Adaptive calibration" on.

Now switch to the keyboard and activate the upper right button to be able to use pitch bend by toppling the android device. If you try pitch bend out by just pressing a key without recording, everything seems fine for now.

After that, merely record a pitch bend to the already recorded 1/1 note just by toppling your device. It works, but it sounds weird while recording. The limit you adjust earlier by using the "Semitones" slider doesn't seem to be applied.

Stop the recording and play your song. You will learn, that pitch bend has been recorded correctly. The bug only affects the monitoring while recording.

I also recognized a further strange behavior, but I'm not quite sure how to reproduce it:
Sometimes the pitch bend settings will be automatically set to default. I remember getting this problem by undoing the pitch bend recording and repeat the recording several times again.

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Re: Monitoring of pitch bend sounds weird while recording

Postby Alex » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:38 pm

Thanks for the bug report, I can reproduce the issue and we'll try to fix it in version 3.
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