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Here is: How to make exact triplets

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:02 pm
by Android_Fan
Up to now the note length changing feature of the piano roll editor unfortunately does not support triplets. Therefore for a long time I thought exact triplets are not possible with Music Studio 2. Recently I noticed, that I was wrong. I would like to share my workaround with you for the case you still do not know how to make exact triplets:

Even without the ability of changing note lengths directly to triplets, we still are able to quantize them. Below I explain it for 1/16 triplets.

For making 1/16 triplets just record three notes of approx. 1/16 length to an 1/4 beat section of your track. After that edit the position (with activated "OFF"-Button) of all three notes so that they are placed in three approx. equal parts of your 1/4 beat section. Make sure each note is not longer than 1/16 length. In the next step quantize the three notes twice (with activated 1/16-button, activated triplet-button and activated "Quantize note lengths" option). Likely you need to do it twice, because Music Studio usually change either the note lengths or their positions in one step.

Hope that clue helps.