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Bouncing back MIDI to Yamaha DGX 650

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Bouncing back MIDI to Yamaha DGX 650

Postby vbdx66 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:08 pm

Hello Alex,

I have a Yamaha DGX 650 digital piano with arranger features and before buying the full version of Music Studio I’d like to know whether it will be useful for what I want to do.

The DGX 650 is a digital piano with arranger features, i.e. it has auto-accompaniment features triggered by chords played with the left hand. These are called “Styles” by Yamaha.

What I’d like to do is this: I’d like to send these Styles MIDI data to Music Studio through assigning a Music Studio track to each MIDI channel of these styles, then mute some of the tracks, then send back the MIDI data to the keyboard. The purpose is to mute some voices of the style, for instance mute the pads or the guitars and just keep the drums and the bass.

Is Music Studio the right app to do this, or should I rather go for something like Cubasis?

For those who are curious, here is an extensive description on the PSR Tutorial Forum of what I want to do with Music Studio and the DGX 650, but then we did a project with Mixcraft 7 and the keyboard used was the Yamaha DGX 640:,28008.0.html

Thanks for helping,

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Re: Bouncing back MIDI to Yamaha DGX 650

Postby Alex » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:05 pm

Interesting setup, I haven't thought of using an iPad app for muting an external keyboard's tracks yet!

Does the DGC 650 output track 1 of the auto-accompaniment to channel 1, track 2 to channel 2 and so on?

If the MIDI I/O channels are set to "tracks" in this window:
Music Studio will route MIDI channel 1 input to track 1, and output track 1 to channel 1 again during song playback. The same goes for tracks 2 to 16.
To achieve live routing (without the need to record and then playback), enabling MIDI Thru should do the job - although I haven't tested it this way:

What Music Studio cannot do is route a track to an arbitrary MIDI I/O channel, or to multiple channels. But by rearranging a track you can set its MIDI channel:
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