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Export on Kindle: Files listed, but do not appear on device

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Export on Kindle: Files listed, but do not appear on device

Postby shoegaze » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:05 pm

Okay, this is frustrating.

First, my specs:

App version 2.0.5
Kindle Fire HD 7 (4th generation)

The problem is easy to describe:

I Export files. In-app, they appear in the Audio folder, as expected. Wav files, AAC, etc., all listed as they're supposed to be.

Check the device storage, and they're taking up the expected space, too. They exist as far as the Kindle's storage is concerned.

But the files appear nowhere on the device itself. There is no way to see or access them. I connect to my PC and go through explorer and they do not exist. Not in "Music Studio User Files" or anywhere. My PC is set to show hidden files. I run searches by file name, by type, etc., and nothing. The four default audio files are in the Audio folder - Robot Voice, etc. - but none of my exported files.

I'm at a loss. These files are eating up my storage space, but I can't view or access them in any way except in the app itself.

At best, I can Share files under 25mb to Outlook and email them to myself, then delete the files from the Kindle, but that only works with the few files that are small enough for that. Otherwise, I'n creating music that for the moment I can't do anything with.

Perhaps I'm missing something. A little help?
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Re: Export on Kindle: Files listed, but do not appear on dev

Postby Alex » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:08 pm

The files are stored on the devices SD card in the "Music Studio User Files" directory under Audio.
I just did the following test on a Kindle Fire HD 8:
  • Recorded an audio file -> Recording.wav was created
  • Exported the file to m4a (aac) format
  • Installed the free "FileManager" app from the Amazon Appstore (there are many free file manager apps available)
  • In FileManager, I opened "Card Browsing", "Music Studio User Files" and "Audio"
  • The 2 Recorded files were visible

I didn't try to access the Kindle's files via a PC, but if the files are not displayed there, it's probably an issue with the PC/Kindle connection of software.
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