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Why 64 bit?

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Why 64 bit?

Postby Alex » Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:27 am

Music Studio 2.6 features native 64 bit support.
On 64 bit devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S and later) it runs in 64 bit mode.
On 32 bit devices, the old 32 bit mode remains.
Let me explain why we made the transition:

1. We had to :roll:
As of June 2015, Apple doesn't accept app updates without native 64 bit support.

2. We want it to be fast :mrgreen:
On 64 bit devices, 64 bit code runs faster than 32 bit code.

3. We want it to be slim :geek:
On 64 bit devices, loading a 32 bit app forces iOS to load additional 32 bit libraries that take up RAM and time. Now that Music Studio is 64 bit, it will load faster and use less memory during runtime.

4. It sounds cool ;)
After all, 64 is twice as much as 32...what a number!

If you're interested in hardware and Apple's reason for the 64bit leap, here's a good article:
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