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What should I do with my studio (Pic inside)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:34 am
by dinhhanh
Hi, I want to know what should I do with my home studio to improve it.(PICTURE BELOW)

-11Rack /w Pro tools 10 (Waves Plugins)
-Monitors JBL LSR308
-Audio-Technica AT4040 & AT4041
-Rode NT-1
-Shure SM57
-M-Audio keystation49
-Headphone Audio-technica ATH-M50

For my acoustic, the black panel are made by myself using Roxul Safe N' Sound. And there are some acoustic foam (I got more but didn't know where to stick it). free games download

I mainly do Pop/Acoustic/Rock song. I want to know:

- What should I do to get a better acoustic treatment ?
- What should I buy next for my studio ?
- Any good tutorial book/video about recording or mixing ?