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IAA communication issue with Z3TA+ synth app

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IAA communication issue with Z3TA+ synth app

Postby Aspis » Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:49 pm

Hi, Music Studio does not communicate with the synth app Z3TA+, which is IAA supported, and in fact works with other apps, such as Garageband on my iPad. There should appear a panel of buttons over the keyboard in Z3TA+, but there is none (after selecting Z3TA+ as Inter-App Instrument). All my other IAA supported synth apps work with Music Studio. How can this problem be fixed? It's a great synth app that I do not want to loose out in my compositions. Thanks for any help. Regards, Aspis
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Re: IAA communication issue with Z3TA+ synth app

Postby Bianca » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:56 pm

There's 2 ways to use z3ta with MuscStudo

1 create a new audio track
Press the record button
Select the source (press where it says mono) and then select inter app then select z3ta from the drop down menu
Switch to z3ta you should then see the IAA transport buttonss you were expecting press the record button and play the keys in the z3ta app and the audio will be recorded in music studio.

2 create a midi track
Change the instrument to IAA Z3TA
You can then play and record z3ta the same as you would any other instrument in Music Studio though you will have to switch apps to select the right preset in z3ta.
If you do it this way you won't see the transport controls in z3ta.

Sadly z3ta is not long for the iOS world though if rumours about ios11 are correct (unless you have an old iPad to keep it on)
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