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Separate Track Effects

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Separate Track Effects

Postby huongtram » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:09 am

The obstinacy of denial always allowed me to ignore calendars and mirrors. I was, in my thick head, some indistinct age between 22 and 35.
That perpetual youth allowed me to stay firmly astride the culture. My sports passions were everyman's sports passions. The kids who skateboarded, played computer games and didn't get baseball were outside the mainstream, not me.
And then, while I was watching the All-Star Game at Detroit's Comerica Park on Tuesday, a juxtaposition of televised images revealed the sobering truth _ I was a relic.
Outside that new stadium, garishly decked-out ballplayers made their pre-game entrances in the backs of shiny convertibles, riding down a long and wide red carpet like parading potentates.
"My suit," Boston's Johnny Damon told an insipid questioner, "was designed by Joseph Abboud."
Before the next embarrassed player could be subjected to inane questions, the director cut to an aerial shot of downtown Detroit. There, in a distant corner of the screen, sat Tiger Stadium, empty and forlorn.
In that instant, the old ballpark symbolized the world I'd known just as clearly as the Red Carpet Show at Comerica displayed some alien universe. It was still there. It just didn't matter very much any more.
Tiger Stadium, in some sense, represented my sports heroes and memories. I guess I hadn't noticed until then that time had relegated them all to the outskirts of relevance.
Was Eddie Mathews really dead? Could it be that no one under 40 remembers seeing a game at Connie Mack Stadium? Doesn't anyone recall Tony Curry?
Those were people and places that mattered. Didn't they?
Perhaps that spectre of insignificance was a payback. Maybe I should have listened more closely when my father tried to tell me about Indian Bob Johnson or when my grandfather prattled on about Baker Bowl.
But that was different. All that happened before I was born. The incessant recollections of boring old people didn't interest me then. They simply weren't as interesting as I was when I told my own son all those fascinating tales about the players, teams and ballparks I loved.
At least, that's what I thought until Tuesday.
Now Mathews and Connie Mack reside in the same moldy warehouse where Indian Bob and Baker Bowl were stored years ago.
And pretty soon you'll find Tiger Stadium there, too.
Two won't fit. Speaking of the absurdity of the All-Star Game's Red Carpet Show, did anyone notice that the Red Sox World Series ring Damon wore was so enormous it could have encircled Curt Schilling's ego?
San Jose, Atlanta and hd188753. Scientists at the California Institute of Technology this week discovered a new planet located 875 trillion miles from earth.
Apparently, the National Hockey League is already considering establishing a franchise there.
Print no World Series tickets. This year's Washington Nationals bear an amazing resemblance to the 1964 Phillies.
Consider that both:
Were managed by extremely feisty men (Gene Mauch, Frank Robinson) who were unpopular with players both inside and outside their dugouts.
Were fundamentally sound _ bunting, moving runners, and playing hit-and-run to offset a lack of offense.
Took a surprising and lengthy lead despite competition from numerous teams with more talent.
Overcame injuries to new first basemen (Roy Sievers, Nick Johnson) and got more than expected from their no-name bullpens (Ed Roebuck and Jack Baldschun, Luis Ayala and Chad Cordero).
Trivia quiz. This headline appeared in Thursday's Inquirer: "Egg Head euthanized." Did it refer to:
a. an "O'Reilly Factor segment on the aftermath of a Harvard professor's endorsement of welfare?
b. Humpty Dumpty's failure to fill out a living will?
c. a Philadelphia Park-trained horse being put down?
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Re: Separate Track Effects

Postby Alex » Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:33 am

Track and send effects are currently only available in the iOS version of Music Studio. With version 3, both feature sets will be consolidated, see
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