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Lady Gaga’s one of the most popular song

PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:09 pm
by Alone_Boy
"Just Dance" is a song written by Lady Gaga and RedOne. It is her debut single as well as the lead single from Gaga's debut album, The Fame. The song features labelmate Colby O'Donis, with additional uncredited vocals by Akon. The song was nominated for Best Dance Recording in the 51st Grammy Awards. The song title was also used in the song, "Monster". It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Lady Gaga's first ever number one hit.
Writing and inspiration
In January 2008, Gaga had a goodbye party with her lowerside friends of New York, the night before someone from the label was to picked her up from the bar, to the airplane. She then met RedOne, who played her a beat, and she started singing "I've had a little too much", and wanted a record about being drunk. After the song was created, they called Akon for a quick listening in the studio, and he was so impressed that he wanted to help Gaga, and wrote the verse sung by Colby O'Donis on the final version.
In an interview with The Miami Herald Gaga explained her inspiration for writing the song. She said,
"I was very hungover. I wrote the song in about 10 minutes with [producer] RedOne. And it was my first time being in a Hollywood studio. Very pristine, big huge room with giant speakers."
The singer-songwriter also told HX Magazine:
"I was taken very quickly out of my party lifestyle. I wrote it instantly - like it flew out of my body." She explained in the same interview the meaning of the song as "If you've ever been so high that it's, like, scary, the only way you can deal with it is not deal with it, so you just kind of dance through the intoxication." She further explained that "It's about being drunk or high at a club and you dance through it, like you do in all stretches of life, when obsctacles come, dance through it.

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