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Tech Demo - Virtual Orchestra

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Tech Demo - Virtual Orchestra

Postby Jmcm16 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:36 am

What is this about?
As soon as the update was released that contained the greatly improved orchestral instruments, I was thrilled to get started working on a great sounding orchestra. I soon began to realize how difficult this would be. After scouring the internet researching on orchestras, I created this template for orchestras that pans all the instruments and attempts to imitate how instruments sound in concert halls.

The file is below if you wish to experiment with it to your hearts content.

Now on to the actual demonstration, I have below a link to my arrangement to a very popular song. It is not perfected, but it comes fairly close for being on an iPhone. (For those inquiring on my specs, I'm using around 80 tracks, some duplicated for depth, on an iPhone 5s running Music Studio 2.5.)

At the beginning is a computerized mock-up of the music. Shortly after it is the final rendition, complete with concert hall reverb and a touching of equalizers. I hope you all enjoy.

SIDE NOTE: I had to use Google Drive as opposed to SoundCloud to upload all my files. I did not want to infringe upon copyrights and I want to personally acknowledge that the excerpts are for demonstration purposes ONLY.

And do not ask for the source to the demonstration. I will NOT be providing it. I will create files more original in the future to demonstrate on :)


FILES (All are public documents and should be visible to anyone):

Orchestra Template (XMS):

Orchestra Demo (WAV):
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Re: Tech Demo - Virtual Orchestra

Postby Kolbaska » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:49 pm

This sounds really nice! Really good job.

However, downloading project directly from my ipad, it seems to be empty :( Only empty tracks...
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