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Music Studio 1.3 in review!

News about Music Studio.

Music Studio 1.3 in review!

Postby admin » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:39 pm

* Major new features
o Pitch bend effect (accelerometer controlled)
o Filter effect (with accelerometer control)
o Improved help (internet connection no longer required)
o Reduced package prices in the instrument shop
o New shop layout
o Note editing in the tracks tab is now possible during playback
o File loading times greatly reduced

* Major bug fixes
o Fix: crash on iPad if more than 5 fingers touched the screen
o Fix: audio route changes (connecting earphones) resulted in distorted audio
o Fix: MIDI import prioritized channels instead of tracks

* Keyboard tab
o Accelerometer button (to enable accelerometer effects)
o Interface orientation is locked while keys are touched
o Fullscreen button moved to layout mode
o Gestures tutorial is displayed at the first launch
o Fix: key label mode was not remembered

* Tracks tab
o New tempo and signature popup
o Tempo +/- buttons auto-in/decrease on hold
o Additional signatures available (2/4, 7/4)
o New metronome style
o New special track to display recorded filter effect data (visible if the filter effect is on)
o Fix: undo reset recent track and keyboard row changes
o Fix: rare crash at manual playhead scrolling

* Effects tab
o Filter and pitch bend effect

* Projects tab
o MIDI import/export includes pitch bend events
o File format improved

* Setup tab
o New layout
o Accelerometer and metronome settings
o New setting: continuous playhead movement
o New setting: reverb configuration is remembered per type
o New setting: track editing tips
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Re: Music Studio 1.3 in review!

Postby Alex » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:04 am

We planned on releasing the update to the full version and the Lite version simultaneously, but the review process was delayed by Apple, presumably by 7-10 days.
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Re: Music Studio 1.3 in review!

Postby Alex » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:00 pm

The update was just approved and goes online today, faster than expected!
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