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Music Studio feature comparison table

Music Studio 2 is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
There is also a free Lite version for you to try some of the features. Please note that the Android version has a slightly reduced feature set compared to the iOS version.
Feature iOS Android Lite iOS Lite Android
Current version 2.10 2.1.1 2.10 2.1.1
Piano keyboard 85 keys 85 keys 60 keys 60 keys
2 rows with different instruments
Drum pads and chord pads
Pitch bend and mod wheel
Instruments 123 123 11 11
In-app shop 60 instruments 60 instruments
Sampler (custom instr. & kits) limited to 1
Beats (drum loops) 100 100 10 10
Insert, send and master effect routing
Filter with LP/HP/BP
Delay, EQ, Amplifier
Compressor, Phaser, BitCrusher, StereoWidener Compressor only
MIDI and audio tracks 127 127 127 (2 audio) 127 (2 audio)
Piano roll editor
16bit 44kHz recording 8 channels stereo 8 channels stereo
Audiobus N/A* N/A*
Inter-App Audio N/A* N/A*
Waveform editing
USB audio hardware support
MIDI hardware support input only input only
MIDI file import & export
Export to wav and m4a
AudioCopy & AudioPaste N/A* AudioPaste only N/A*
Music library import N/A* N/A*
Audio file import wav, mp3, m4a, ogg wav, m4a wav, m4a
Share via email, Dropbox
Files app support N/A* N/A*
iCloud Drive N/A* N/A*
WiFi and iTunes file sharing N/A* N/A*
Project loading/saving
Price $ 14.99 ** $ 14.99 ** Free Free

* iOS specific functionality is unavailable on Android OS
** Check the store to see the price in your local currency

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News: Music Studio 2.10 released

Music Studio 2.10 for iOS was released in June 2018. Here's the list of new features:
  • iOS 11 Files app support enables you to create and manage custom folders
  • Files app import now allows for multiple file selection
  • Lite version: CoreMIDI I/O support added to connect to MIDI hardware and apps
  • Setup option "Continuous playhead movement" is now on by default
  • Audiobus SDK updated to v3.0.4
  • Fixed the misaligned in-app shop interface on iPhone X
  • Fixed a bug where touches on the screen edges were ignored

News: Music Studio 2.9 and 2.1 released

Music Studio 2.9 for iOS and 2.1 for Android were released in December 2017. Here's the list of new features:
  • 5 new instruments: MC Drum Kit, Vintage Bass, Dulcimer, Music Box, Orchestra Hit
  • Basic MIDI hardware input support on Android
  • Trash folder to prevent accidental deleting or overwriting
  • File renaming
  • Share option "Open with" changed to "Apps & more"
  • Audiobus 3 SDK updated on iOS
  • Polyphony increased to 128 on Android
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Try the free Lite version!

Music Studio Lite is available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. As a free demo version, its functionality is limited:

  • Saving, exporting and sharing is disabled, hence only one song can be created
  • Only 11 instead of 123 instruments are available
  • The number of audio tracks is limited to 2 (up to 127 in the full version)
  • Not all effects are available
  • Only 10 instead of 100 beats
  • MIDI import/export is disabled
  • No add-on packages (+60 instruments)
  • Only 1 user instrument or kit can be created (iOS only)
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio are not supported (iOS only)